Me and my Mentor Aj. Thanotporn
Ms. Nina 
 Traditional dance from Aceh (Likok Pulo) 
Traditional Dance from Palu  
 Sing a song Anak Medan from Medan 
Our style πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Awkarin's Style 
 Our Buddies 😭😭
 Group Satit Bangna School πŸ˜‚or My roommate 😭😭😭


Field Trip

Hi guys Welcome back to my Journey
Not the end of our separation :(

This is the last trip during this program. I feel sadness. But every time there is a meeting there is a farewell. Our last trip is we visit several temples in Thailand. Walking around while singing together, laughing together, told about the history of places in Thailand. This beautiful memory might be the most expensive history of my life. Good bye all my Ajarn, my school, and my new friend. Thank you for providing this beautiful thing. Everything is so beautiful to forget. Hopefully our presence will have an effect for everyone.
See you guys:(:(:(:(

Summary & Suggestion

My last journey as a teacher in Thailand πŸ˜₯

First of all i want say thankyou to Seameo, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University, and Satit Bangna School. Now i will tell you about the results and challenges that i felt when i joined this SEA - Teacher program. 
1. Purpose of Practicum            Talking about the purpose of Practicum is to develop the potential of teacher students to become professional teachers in the future. With this program I can challenges my skills, challenges my knowledge, practice my English skills. How will I deal with the work environment, open minded to everyone. This program teaches me to always think openly to understand the differences that occur around the environment, such as language, culture, behavior and many other significant differences. This program really opens the eyes to know, what and who the teacher is. It looks more broadly like what the teaching profession really is, is it just teaching in class and then completing it? And of course this program…

Embassy Bangkok "Independent Day"

Welcome back to my journey of SEA TEACHER BATCH 6 

Friday, 17 August 2018 
Today is Indonesia's independence day. Where as usual we as Indonesian citizens carry out flag ceremonies. So at that time my friend and I were in Thailand carrying out the SEA TEACHER program so we decided to go to the Embassy. Nahh, until there was a ceremony taking place, so we went straight into the line to immediately attend the ceremony. Glad to meet many Indonesians there. From Sabang to Marauke. All met in one. That feeling of sorrow and sadness was what I felt at that moment. We also capture all of our moments there. Hopefully next year, I can visit other state embassies ...

Merdeka !!!!!!! Go on my country Even though you are far away in the heart One interesting thing here is that we use Indonesian language when we want to interact. Even Thai people can speak Indonesian yuhuuuuuu

Curious on what's going to be in my next blog? Stay Tune!  See you guys on the next blog ~

School and Curriculum

Sawadee kha !!
Welcome back to my journey SEA TEACHER BATCH 6

In this part, i want tell you about my school 

School Profile
     Satit Bangna School was established by Mr. Churairat (Srikraivin), the former Managing Director of Raymund Land, and is aware of the problem regarding the development of education for children in Thailand, especially the condition of its crowded streets filled with air, dust and noise pollution.  The children have to spend time commuting from home to school for up to several hours in a day that which makes it very time consuming leaving the students with little or no opportunity to play or partake in activities that are useful in the development of both their physical and mental health.  As  a result, this issue significantly impacts the development of the children’s intelligence. The result of this problem will reflect in developing the country in the future.      Mr. Churairat planned to build a school in the suburbs in order to have a good atmosphere and natur…

Teaching Practice


      On that day it was time for my Ajarn to come to school to evaluate me. This is the third week. Where in this third week we were assessed by mentors from VRU. before I had entered the class several times to teach. But this time I felt nervous. It's not just my friends too. Because this is the determination day for us here. In my heart said that success or failure may be the best for me. On this occasion I will teach in Mattayom 1/1 class. Previously I had entered this class. This class includes classes that are quite active and smart. His students are creative and diligent. Hoping Allah Bless me  On this occasion I explained about percentages material. The teaching time is only 60 minutes. Not much said at that time. Because I use technology, the projector screen as my material to display the material I will teach. The short teaching time made me have to circulate really the good lesson plan that I will show. Where I explained just a little I gave a simple exam…

Teaching Assistance

Tuesday, 7th August 2018
Good Evening  How are you ? I hope you're dong fine ! Welcome back to my journey SEA TEACHER BATCH 6

In the previous post, I have shared about the classroom observations. In this second week, I will be sharing about teaching assistance experienced. Teaching assistance is more of a act  / play out a role as an assistant teacher to help teacher's when the lessons are conducted. For this part I followed teacher Foo's classes and teacher Kwa's classes for this teaching assistance. I get many opportunities to become teaching assistants so, that make my teaching hours fulfilled. Helping students to solve problems, guiding those who don't understand and alongside the teachers that are conducting the lesson.

Teaching assistant has given me an incredible and the most unforgettable moment / experienced, where i am able to stepped out of my comport zone, be it as a teacher assistant or taking the class, teaching the students in Satit Bangna School wa…